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Hollow glass equipment routine inspection
date:2018/2/4 11:08:30 author: hits:46

Hollow glass is increasingly popular, also led to the development of the hollow glass equipment, nepotism product development is now a very common phenomenon, hollow glass equipment in use process need regular routine inspection, to ensure the normal and efficient operation of equipment, today we just want to say about the hollow glass equipment routine inspection of the project, so that we can better operation:
Hollow glass equipment routine inspection, refers to the running situation of hollow glass equipment, technical conditions, degree of work precision, parts wear, etc. The measurement and calibration.By checking can be hidden danger in time, measures are taken, the removal of fault.According to the inspection, the repair plan, purposefully ready to repair before, can improve the quality of repair, shorten the repair time.
Routine inspection of hollow glass equipment, can according to time points tahoma yesterday periodic inspection, daily inspection was conducted by the operating personnel combined with daily maintenance, regular inspection was conducted by professional maintenance personnel to check, its purpose is to find out the parts wear, in order to determine the type of repair, repair time and repair the preparations for the former.

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